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It is a great pleasure to invite you to the "Seoul International Forum on Trade Remedies 2019," which will be held in Seoul on May 16.

The Seoul International Forum on Trade Remedies, hosted by the Korea Trade Commission under the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy since 2001, brings together representatives of trade remedy institutions in each country from around the world, international institutions, such as the WTO, and experts from the academia. The Forum engages in-depth discussions on the ways to establish a fair trade order and on the direction the world's trade remedy system should take. It serves as an "arena of discussions" and an "avenue of information exchanges."

Major economies have recently taken trade remedy actions in the name of job security and economic interest of their own country. It is not just developed nations but also emerging economies that are increasingly resorting to trade remedies, raising the concerns over the world-wide expansion of protectionism. Trade remedies, however, should not be used as a means of protectionism; instead, they must serve as a driver of expanding free trade by rectifying unfair trade practices. The Seoul International Forum will allow all of us to re-appreciate and propagate the value of a fair and transparent trade remedy system, I believe.

This year, the Seoul International Forum is held under the theme of “The Changing World Trade Environment and the Future of Trade Remedies.” The latest global trade environment faces ever-growing uncertainties due to various challenging issues, including deepening trade disputes between the U.S. and China and Brexit. Against this backdrop, we intend to build a global consensus on the right direction that trade remedies must take. I am certain that your interest and participation in the Seoul International Forum on Trade Remedies 2019 will be crucial to the advancement of global trade remedy system.

We look forward to your active participation and robust support.

Thank you.

Shin, Hi-Tack
Chairman of the Korea Trade Commission